Friday, November 21, 2008

Vava'u and Hunga 9/6/08 Saturday

Up again at 6 and we even stayed up late last night - almost to 10PM - Wow. Nice morning again. We can hear beautiful music from the church in Neiafu. Guess what - more provisioning. Ed and I went to the Saturday Farmer's Market - wish we would have gotten a picture. We were the only Americans to be seen. So much culture and so much great produce and lots of trinkets to look at. Ed bought a sharks tooth necklace.

Now we're sailing again - we have a full water tank - we hope. What is in store for this great Saturday!!

Sally took us out this time and we sailed all the way to Hunga. The seas were big and it was very scary sneaking into the bay of Hunga. You can only get in there at high noon /high tide. The water was to bluest I have ever seen. Stopped at Ika La but they had no food for us so we just hung out and made cheese and tomato sandwiches - so good. I tried to take a nap while we motored to the village but couldn't sleep. Have not got a good nap in this whole trip - wonder why.

Everyone but Ed set out to meet the Hungan village. Up a steep slope that wasn't very inviting but we kept going. First person we met was Cia and her dog. She warmly greeted us and quickly invited us to church the next day. Told us to wander around as much as we would like. Found pigs everywhere. Bought vanilla beans from a local women as her naked son ate a mango. Found wild basil growing - smelled so good. Brought some back for cooking.
This was Bryan and Cia.

Back at the boat Vaha, the self appointed host, came aboard and had a very nice conversation. We bought a few necklaces and learned some Tongan phrases:

O Fatu - Cheers or from the heart
Malo Le le - hello
Malo alpito - thank you
FeiFei Hake - how are you
No Fua - Good buy if you are the one leaving
Alwa - goodbuy if you are the one staying

I can't remember all we talked about but he was so appreciative that we were interested in what he had to say.
All this time Ed was down in the galley making Tongan Enchiladas. I came down to help and we really had fun and they were sooooo good - I'll post the recipe later.

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