Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mounu and La Paella 9/8/08 Monday

Slept like you know what last night - it was very windy so rockin and rolling all night. Poor Bryan didn't sleep at all. Sitting here now watching a kite surfer off of Mounu Island having another cinnamon roll. Only 4 days left - do I want this to end - yes and no. I love this relaxed feeling -Oh yeah, Denise text'd yesterday and all if well. Still very worried about Angel but keep trying not to think about her. I am getting tired of the boat, wind, stickiness but how many people get a chance to go to Tonga? Not many, this has already been the adventure of a life time.

Today was nice and quiet - we needed it after last night. We went to Mounu at about 9 and walked around the entire island (which only took about 20 min). We got to see one of their 5 Fale's (rooms) - it was very cute - open air with a mosquito net around the bed and a bathroom. Right on the beach so you could hear and see the water. I could stay there for a week.

Sally and I did some more exercises - walking lunges, push ups.....back at the boat I got our the exercise band while Dan and Bryan snorkled. You can do a lot with that band - I need to write those up.

We sailed back over to Achorage 11 - ark gallery because we were able to get reservations at La Paella. It's a restaurant the is owned by a Spanish couple who prepare paella every night. We have heard lots of people talk about the after dinner shows - one guys told us he came out in a cape. It was a really nice sail - I did a good job. Moored by La Paella but it was really windy - we layed on the deck for awhile but it was too much so we went back to where we had been the first night....much more protected from the wind.
Read a little and took a small nap - nice lazy afternoon. Showered and on deck with a nice glass of wine - a Tongan family drove up in a boat and I went shopping - bought a Tongan love god carving and a turtle for Tom and Denise.

The Dingy ride to dinner was long but fun - everyone in a good mood and ready for a great dinner...and that we got. We were first greeted by Chiquita - the goat and Dorito the dog.

How cute. Dinner was fantastic and I ate way too much. Feel bad for Collette - she hardly ate anything. We had smoked fish, croquettes, cheese, bread, fish pate, and the best paella - dessert was a simple pinapple with whip cream. At that point everyone got really tired.
The owner came out in his PJs and slippers and sang us a few songs as his dog lay by his feet - what a character.

We came back and played our first game of UNO - I won!!

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