Sunday, November 23, 2008

Port Maurelle 9/11/08 Thursday

Tongan Beach Resort is a really nice place to anchor overnight - slept good -could have been the Kava from last night's feast. Watched the pigs rooting around the shore as we had our coffee. Lots of roosters waking up the island. Motored to Moorings so we could fill up our water and get some ice. Had breakfast at the Aquarium but it was really slow today. Sailed over to Port Maurelle - nice sail, not too windy.

Port Maurelle is so beautiful - so glad we're coming back here to just chill out for our last day. Dan, Sally and I snorkeled to shore. Sally took the best route - the rest of us got stuck in some really shallow water with only coral so you couldn't just stand up and walk on it. Floated across as best we could and not get all scraped up.

Beautiful beach. Played a rousing game of Tongan horse shoes (empty water bottle, stick and coconuts) Boys against the girls. Girls won first game, boys the second and the girls were ahead when Ed hit the bulls eye and won the game for the boys. Hot and Sunny - getting way too much sun but it feels so good.

Swam back to the boat. Went under the keel - what they told you to do to practice for Mariners Cave. Very glad I didn't do the cave because just just the keel was really tough - couldn't clear my ears and was fighting for air as I came up.

My hair is one big knot - need to find another solution.

Had left over spaghetti for lunch and layed around for hours sipping wine and talking. So relaxing and just what we needed for our last day.
The family that we bought the love god and turtle from came over and we gave them all of our left overs that way we didn't have to throw them away. We had a lot of leftovers. I accidently gave away all of our oil so no popcorn tonight.

Sailed back to port - with lots of rain and really strong wind. Ed made it to 8 knots. I really didn't like how rough it was. Back to Moorings for our last night on the boat. Packed up a bit and had our last meal at the Mermaid (where we had our first dinner). Great music and food - I had chicken salad with french fries.

Uno and Beng Bengs (a dessert snack) - Ed won this time.

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bwinn said...

You have such a great blog. Just wish the photos were bigger! :)

Hey I am thinking about going to Vavau soon and exploring Euakafa. Do you happen to have any larger photos you can share with me?

If so, can you email me at brandon winnie (at) Would appreciate it. Thanks!