Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swallow and Mariners Cave 9/10/08 Wednesday

Slept OK - wind crept up but it provided a nice breeze thru the windows. After coffee and great barbequed toast and peanut butter (great way to make toast by the way) we set sail back thru the Fauna Tapu Pass - much easier this time with the sun at our backs and calmer seas. Found the 3rd red buoy. Sailed over to swallows cave - very creepy dingy ride into the cave (Dan,Sally, Ed and I ) We didn't stay long. Dan brought Bryan and Collette over - they snorkled.

Motored over to Port Maurelle - this was one of my favorite spots. Ed made a cold noodle salad and crab salad with pinapple spicy sauce on the side. Very good. Sally went up in the Bosun's chair and took some fun pictures. Dan also took a turn at it.

Motored over to Mariners Cave . I was pretty nervous about trying to get in there but was going to give it a try. Saw some spinner dolphins just as we got to the cave. I tried my best but just couldn't get up the courgage. Bryan went in first then Ed checked it out for me and confirmed that it would be too much for my ears. It's about 6 ft under and then another 12 ft swim to get inside. They said it's really cool because a fog forms when the waves come in. Maybe if I had a tank. It was a gorgeous snorkel though - I only need my body glove shirt. Very warm water today.

Over to the Tongan beach resort for a Tongan Feast.

After a Mai Tai and some gorgeous pictures we dug in. Feast was good - salad, potato salad, yams, taro root, octopus, muscles, chicken, taro leaf with corned beef, sukiaki, Ota Ika and great desserts (ice cream).

Had some real Kava - wow, that stuff really made my tongue numb. Really fun band and dancing from the staff. Did a lime dance - Bryan and Collette beat us. Dieter Dyck, the owner, was a character - we bought a book he just published on his life and setting up the Tongan Beach Resort.

Another round of Uno without Sally though - too much Kava (+dramamine). Bryan won this time.

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