Friday, November 21, 2008

Sunny day in Tonga 9/4/08


Now sitting on the deck with the sun in my face - even sweating a little. Drinking coffee and listening to the roosters.

More provisioning - the third time now - we are getting really good. We should have plenty of food and drinks now.

Set off at about 10 AM - had to listen to the 8:30 AM weather report and morning show!!

I took us out of port - very nervous but Bryan was right there with me.

Wind was good - only put up the Genoa. Sailed to Nuku Island - anchored at anchorage 8. Dingy over to Nuku to snorkel. Water was chilly so I wore my wetsuit - glad I brought that - only 1 mm thick but it kept the chill off. Used my Scoobado rag too!! It did not work BTW. My hair was a tangley mess when I was done.

This is one of my favorite pictures - you can really see how blue and clear the water was. This was just off where we anchored before going over to Nuke.

Saw so many great colors and fish - blue starfish every where, cow fish and a bunch of huge slugs.

Sat around on the sand for awhile then back to Sapphire Seas for a chicken frank lunch.

Great sail over to the Ark Gallery. This is floating house boat that Larry and Shari live in with their cat Cheeto. Shari sells her art there. We dingy'd over and bought a painting after being greeted nicely by Cheeto. Got a great shot of Cheeto taking a dingy ride.

Back to the boat for a shower and nice relaxing dinner - Sally made Oyster Beef and Chinese noodles.

We drank Kava for the first time - it tastes like muddy water and makes your tongue feel numb. I don't think I felt anything other than that but I may have had too much wine with dinner.

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