Thursday, November 20, 2008

Neiafu Vava'u 9/3/08

Rained like crazy last night, thunder and lighting right above us - hardly slept at all.

Chart Briefing with Sandy (Ed, Amy, Bryan and Collette). Dan and Sally off to find more provisions. He gave us the basics; tides - watch them, Keep garbage on board and throw all organics into the water, No water on the weekend - maybe Sat in the AM, Sunday church services, Whale watching - illegal to swim with them if there is guide boat but if you're out on your own - jump in if you see one! Went through the entire chart - where to stop, where to eat and what to see. Took 2 pages of notes

All of us (except Bryan) bundled up and walked into town. Was so thankful I brought Denise's raincoat and my keens - rained the entire time but it was amazing the supplies we found. Steaks at the first market PB and Sons, Oil, wine, then to the bakery for hot dog buns and cinnamon rolls, then found the farmers market - wow, fresh fruit and veggies galore. Rained and Rained.....

Back in one piece then had a wet lunch at the Aquarium Cafe. Great soup and hot tea. Decided to stay in the harbor that night - just too much weather to venture out our first time.

Kicked back on the boat and napped, learned how to play cribbage then Oh Hell. Sally made a great pinapple dip with tortillas she bought from the Aquarium Cafe. Showered and to Mangos for dinner. Had on my pancho and Denise's jacket, almost didn't bring either of them - Dingy ride was very wet! Dinner was just OK - veggie pizza. Ed's spaghetti was yuck. Power went out this night too.

No rain on the way back to the boat!!! I even see stars!!!

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