Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pangaimotu and Fauna Tapu Pass 9/9/08

Up first again and boy do I wish I had a cup of coffee. We didn't setup the coffee last night - too much fun playing Uno. The others slept with their doors open because they were creaking all night. I don't want to wake everyone up so I'll just be quite for awhile. Ok - I am going to make coffee - I'll be quiet - stepping on the beams helps keep the noise down.

Really nice morning again - sun's out and it's not raining. Bryan and Collette made banana pancakes - very yummy.

Sally and I swabbed the deck - my hair is everywhere. You get a really good workout pulling up a heavy bucket of water.

We took the dingy over to the tip of Pangaimotu to search for the village there. We hiked up a road but instead of a village we found a plantation - cows, cocunut trees, pinapple, lots of grass hoppers. The people we saw didn't seem as friendly but I think they can drive from Neifu so this wasn't a village. Really nice hike and dingy ride around the harbor - beautiful fish/starfish, coral.

Set sail at about 11 over to Old harbor for guess what - more provisions - we are out of beer -oh by the way don't get King Fisher - it foamed really bad. Also, boxed wine isn't too bad for a light drink during the afternoon.

To get to the Old Harbor whe had to go through Fauna Tapu Pass. The book said to go at high sun - look for 3 buoys and we only could see 2. Almost turned around becuase it was really clouded and raining off and on but....we went for it. Lined up with the green buoy and crept. Dan was on the bow and I say up front so I could relay Dan's coral head sightings. Never found the 3rd buoy but made it safe and sound.

Anchored at old harbor and dingy'd into Neifu for our needs. Very hot but it felt good to stretch out legs. Beer, Water, Wine, Cheese that's all we need oh and our precious ice.

Another tricky ride over to Kenutu. Only 3 boats there - another showed up later. After the best Mai Tai's and popcorn ever we set out to find the other side of Kenutu - the book said there was a trail. We wanted to see the coastal waters of Tonga and the Tongan Trench. We knew it was going to be spectacular because we could see huge waves crashing over the ends of Kenutu

Sort of found a trail - lots of growth. VERY fun and what a great site when we got to the top. Waves probably 30 ft high crashing on the rocks. Thick grass up the the edge of a very steep drop off. Everyone was really happy and enjoying the adventure.

On the way back we unfortunatley ran out of gas on the dingy but one of our neighbors immediately jumped into his dingy to help. He was from Austrian sailing for almost 3 years with his wife. He came aboard for a beer then we all showered while Collette started her dinner of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread with brochetta appetizers.

Uno again - the crew is getting brutal.

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