Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our adventures in Tonga begins - 8/30/08

We are off - sitting at the gate waiting for the rest of our sailing buddies. I am so nervous - did I get everything done, did I pack the right things, is Angel going to be OK? We are going to be gone for almost 3 weeks. I have to stop and enjoy this trip. Don't let that little kitten ruin this trip for me. Just so much anxiety - I am really so lucky I can't believe it.

Worked really hard getting ready for this trip - working out, watching calories, shopping, packing, re-packing, reading blogs/travel sites, getting instructions for the house done.

Goals for this trip - #1 Relax and Reconnect with Ed - it has been a crazy summer. Have fun, don't stress out about work or weight or the house or lists or what to wear.....Really want to enjoy every moment

It's now 9:50 PM Hope they make it - we have a long flight ahead of use - almost 11 hours to FIJI See you in FIJI

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