Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hunga 9/7/08 Sunday

Slept better last night - so peaceful in the Hunga Bay. Really good cinnamon rolls for breakfast - just relaxed on deck - my favorite thing.

Got on our Sunday best for Church. Oh My Gosh!! What an experience. Met Cia and her dog and we all went to the Church which looked like a very old barn. Inside was very nice - mats on the floor and folding chairs. Mostly women and children. Women all wore black and the kids were just like you see all around the world. They were running around, mis behaving and getting scolded by everyone. Hard to tell who was the mothers of each child. We couldn't understand a thing because it was in Tongan but it was very powerful - the best part was the singing. The first time I heard it my eyes teared up. The best part was when it came to give an offering - we're used to them passing around a basket. At this church they did role call and each person came up to the front and it was documented what they gave. We gave them $50 Pa'anga and they were so appreciative.

Then we went to lunch at Vaha's - Oh my again - he lived in a house that was about the size of our master bedroom. It was nice - mats on the floor and the outside garden area was beautifully done.

For lunch we had Lu - which is taro leaf with either fish or corned beef, Papaya and banana mash - which was warm, fried bananas and a drink made of coconut milk, water, sugar and papaya - so good.

Vaha and his wife and grand daughter did not eat with us? Felt very strange but ate and even took a little more (because it tasted so good) and I wanted them to know that I really enjoyed it. We didn't eat it all so at least they could have some and all of us left some money under the plates. Vaha gave us some more necklaces and Ed gave him his knife. What an experience - something I will always remember. Picture is of Vaha and his Grandaughter

I got to take us out of the harbor- so scary. Not more than 8ft of water below our keel. Took it slow. Once we got out the wind was super strong and the waves very big so we just motored all the way to Sisia. The guys snorkeled while Collette and I just laid on the warm sand. Sally stayed on board.

We motored to Mounu Island resort (called ahead and they had room for dinner). This was a great little island and a very cute resort. They had printed up the dinner menu with our boats name on it - how special.

We had bread fruit chips as a snack - yum. Dinner was just as good - Oka Ito (which is like ceviche except with coconut milk), Tuna, couscous, pumpkin.

Very sleepy when we got back and starting to get a little sick of the boat - hit my head for the 10th time and the bed is sandy and sticky. You just never quite feel clean when your on the ocean. The wind has really kicked up so it may be a rough night - we are anchored so a little worried about slipping. OK stop complaining - I AM ON VACATION

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