Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nadi - Fiji 9/1/08 to 9/2/08

Now at the Tanoa Hotel in Nadi Fiji and it's Tuesday 9/2/08 very early in the morning. I didn't do much journaling yesterday. It's 3:42 AM (8:42 AM at home) - sitting here drinking a really good cup of Fijian coffee. I feel great --> got a really good night sleep. We all went to bed at about 8. Yesterday was very relaxing. Slept ok on the plane but was still very out of it. Got to Fiji at about 5AM but did not get to the hotel until 7. Lots of news about Gustav on CNN - praying for those poor people in New Orleans. Nice hotel, small, quaint. After a good shower and breakfast the girls trekked over to the Westin to drop off a bag for our stay after sailing. Country side is beautiful but they are in the process of burning the sugar cane so it's really smoky. Our Taxi driver Mohammad gave us a nice tour on the way over - BTW the Westin is beautiful and look forward to staying there.

Layed by the pool and tried to nap but just couldn't. Got a great workout in and then a nice walk around the facility. Drinks and a great Indo Fijian dinner.

It's going to be a long day but WERE ON VACATION

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