Friday, November 21, 2008

Euakafa 9/5/08 Friday

Thought that Kava would have helped me sleep better - it rained in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3 but fell back asleep until about 6. First one up. It's one of my favorite things to do when we are sailing - get up before everyone and just sit on the back of the boat. I see tons of things in the water and watch the port slowly waking up. This morning is really nice - beautiful sunrise.

The bad part about being the first one up is trying to make coffee. The boat squeaks as you walk around. Sally made up the presses last night so all I had to do was start the stove and get the water boiling - look at her thinkin!!

Reflecting back this was a great day - we sailed out to anchorage 32 on the island of Euakafa. Nice sail - not too windy - beautiful beach and not a sole in sight. Was a little tough dropping anchor. Lots of coral heads we had to be careful of. We all dingy'd to shore. Bryan was nervous about leaving the boat so he and Collette stayed behind while Dan, Sally, Ed and I went in search of the tomb. This was amazing - something you see on the show survivor. 1.5 hours walk along the beach and up the hill, through the jungle - spiders and palms growing out of coconuts lying on the ground. There was a trail but it was hard to find and hard to follow - Dan was a great guide.

This was the tomb we almost didn't find.

Walking back a great photo op with the Sapphire Seas in the background.

Sally and I did a workout - lunges, walking push ups, crab walks, bear walks, very fun - we must have looked stupid but we didn't care. Had to work off that great dinner from last night.

Collette sailed us out with VERY strong winds over to swallows cave - on the way we saw a group of boats and then there they were - WHALES!!! So beautiful it made me cry.

Swallows cave was busy so we went over to the Tongan beach resort. It is a very cute/quaint place. Wasn't a good spot to anchor with the winds we had so we just headed back to moorings.

OK - nice long shower and dinner at the Aquarium Cafe -yummy chicken and vegetable skewers and Ed had some of the best Tuna sashimi I have ever had. We even splurged on a banana dessert. I don't care I AM ON VACATION.

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